ARTOTA – A Chapter of the Trail of Tears Association
Trail of Tears Quote

"The white not satisfied with the land beyond the mountains, or the land beside the Watauga, or the land along the Nolichucky. Now he wants still more. And what we do not give him, he will take away until our whole Nation is gone from this earth...."

-- Dragging Canoe, Chickamauga Chief
son of Cherokee Chief Attakullakulla

"No eastern tribe had struggled harder or more successfully to make white civilization their own. For generations the Cherokee had lived side by side with whites in Georgia. They had devised a written language, published their own newspaper, adopted a constitution, and a Christian faith. But after gold was discovered on their land, even they were told they would have to start over again in the West."

~ The West, a documentary by Ken Burns and Stephen Ives


Elkorn Tavern, Pea Ridge, Arkansas



The ARTOTA Annual Meeting will take place on Saturday, August 2, 2014 at the Shiloh Museum of Ozark History, in Springdale.

On March 29, 2014, the Five Rivers Historical Preservation organization held the  “Benge Detachment. A different Trail of Tears”  special event in the 1872 Pocahontas Courthouse .  Click Here for Details.

About Us


The Arkansas Trail of Tears Association (ARTOTA)  is a chapter of the National Trail Of Tears Association (TOTA) The Trail of Tears Association (TOTA) is a nonprofit support network for the Trail of Tears National Historic Trail. Designated as a national historic trail by Congress in 1987, the Trail commemorates the forced removal of the Cherokee people from their homelands in the southeastern United States to Indian Territory (present-day Oklahoma) in 1838-1839. The Trail of Tears National Historic Trail is part of the National Trails System, which includes legislatively-designated recreation, scenic, and historic trails.While administered by the National Park Service, the Trail of Tears National Historic Trail depends on partnerships with federal, state and local agencies, private landowners, and interested individuals such as the TOTA volunteers.Nine states have TOTA chapters: AlabamaArkansas, Georgia, Illinois, Kentucky, Missouri, North Carolina, Oklahoma and Tennessee. The Arkansas Chapter is working to commemorate the land and water removal routes not only of the Cherokees, but also of the Chickasaws, Choctaws, Muscogee Creeks and Seminoles, as they passed through Arkansas on their way to Indian Territory.

Arkansas Chapter Trail of Tears Association 1311 Clayton Street, Springdale, AR 72764 479-751-7125 •

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